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On this site there are products for domestic clean water and water softeners (including non-drinking water).

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A pitcher / jug plus Maxtra 12 pack an excellent present for family and friends.

BRITA Style Water Filter Jug Maxtra+ - Soft GreyBrita Style jug for Brita Maxtra+

Eliminate poor tasting water : use a Water Filter Jug

a classic water jug

Tap water in the east and south-east of England may have a "flavour" that affects the taste of tea or coffee. Thankfully, several world leading companies have developed products which combat this. Fine examples in Europe are Strix (for Aqua Optima) and Brita. A Brita water filter jug with a "Classic" cartridge, really makes tea or coffee taste great! Typically a "classic" type of water filter cartridge will last about one month before needing a replacement cartridge. Water filter jugs/pitchers have become so popular that manufacturers designed "multi-fit" water filter cartridges: these fit several jug "makes".

Brita Classic Cartridge single pack

Using water from filter pitcher banishes "oily" patches on tea or coffee.

Water filter cartridges cost below 15p per day.

Water filter replacement cartridges can be bought in multi-packs via mail order.

Water filter jugs come in various sizes - some of which can fit in a fridge door shelf.

Limescale: a persistent problem

Water Filter Jugs with Classic cartridges reduce, but can't prevent, "Furring" of kettles due to Limescale.

Descaling requires agents containing Citric AcidCitric Acid or "Sulphamic" acid crystals or solution. Citric acid is recommended when descaling drinks appliances, whereas Sulphamic acid descalers should be used for washing machines and dishwashers.

Chemical limescale removal takes time.

Limescale forms where HARD water can evaporate e.g. taps, shower heads, steam irons, coffee machines, hot water tank heater elements.

MAXTRA Cartridges: Softer water for even better taste

If your old Classic water filter jug needs renewing, why not get the new "Maxtra" type!

Maxtra filter cartridges tackle limescale and heavy metals (e.g. lead.)

After some 14 months my kettle has developed LESS LIMESCALE thanks to Brita Maxtra cartridges. MAXTRA is better for long term LIMESCALE REDUCTION so that Kettles and Coffee makers only need a yearly descale treatment.

An excellent appliance for visual checking of limescale is the glass kettle by Bertelin**(see the sidebanners). Limescale can be seen to form on the metal plate inside. This will happen if your area has limescale of at least 120 mg/litre and your filter cartridge is losing effect. The kettle can be cleaned by adding 2 to 3 teaspoons of citric acid powder to the kettle when it has about 1 cupful of water. Swill the water around until the deposit is gone, then rinse.

** A Russell Hobbs equivalent is no longer being promoted due to a hinge issue which has been experienced by us and others.

MAXTRA cartridge will filter the water 2 TO 3 times FASTER than the Classic type.

We have not observed any grains of sand when using Brita Maxtra filter cartridges.

We highly recommend this Brita Maxtra product to customers.

See our filter jug page next - for instance, a "Style" jug with 12 months cartridge supply would make a good "practical" present.

A comparison of Total Dissolved Solids in some common water sources

TDS meter image Water "hardness" is related to the total dissolved solids (TDS) content of the water. The table shows the TDS results for some water samples.

DISCLAIMER: The sample results are representative measures and are not intended to form a guarantee of TDS that can be expected for every sample of the mentioned brand names. The de-ionised water sample provides a ready "standard" of purity against which the TDS meter measurements can be gauged.

sample source TDS (ppm) temperature (Celsius)
Halfords battery top-up de-ionised water 1 16
Evian bottled mineral water 295 16
Bottled Scottish Spring water by Sainsburys 101 16
"spent" Brita Maxtra cartridge (30 days) 278 16
Newly installed Brita Maxtra cartridge 238 16
double filtered by Maxtra 168 16
Harrogate (Sparkling) Spring Water since 1571 215 18
Strathmore Still Spring water 377 18
Hildon (Hampshire, England) Still Spring water 257 18
S. Pellegrini (Italy) Carbonated mineral water 640 when flat 18
Aqua Pura - Still Mountain spring water (Cumbria) 105 18

More on limescale : Water Softeners

A filter pitcher with a MAXTRA cartridge offers no protection for those very important household items: water heaters in water tanks, washing machines and dish washers.

Without preventative action, limescale build up will increase heating costs and could lead to damage.

A water softener (see the sidebanners) is the answer for of these appliances. A good water softener uses salt pellets or block salt in a controlled process to chemically soften domestic water. This method can recover scaled up pipes over a period of time. Another type of water softener is the so-called saltless water softener.

DISCLAIMER : Please note that we cannot give an assurance that certain devices advertised are guaranteed to function as claimed. Our belief is that products based on chemical and physical filtering are "proven" techniques.

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