Clean Water

Bottled water is the simplest solution for those situations where a filter is inconvenient.In the sidebanner to the right there is a selection of cost effective, bulk buy bottled water from several popular brands such as Evian, Kirkland, Strathmore and Harrogate. There are also two cheap books for extra information about bottled water that might help in your choice if necessary.

For office water dispensers there is a 3 off 15 Litre bottles for a bit under £ 30 total. Ref VDBW15.

Filtered Mains Water.

For fresh, filtered, clean water straight from the tap you might choose to have your mains supply fitted with an inlet filter, however space is at a premium in some homes and modifications to fit such a filter could be impossible. Instead it may be practical to fit FAUCET filters (some types attach directly to the tap) or an Under Counter/Bench Filter (e.g. Franke Triflow System). A good time to consider these is when your kitchen is being redesigned, or a new sink unit is required.

A very popular cartridge is the P1000 "Inline Cartridge" from Brita.

The following table lists the pricing of cartridges from various popular vendors of the Brita Inline water filter cartridge.

The price per pack and delivery charges are converted to an "equivalent price per cartridge". Some retailers offer very good prices for low quantities along with very good delivery charges. As always, buying in larger quantities may bring delivery cost benefits.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided "as is" and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate at the time of compilation.

Vendor Pack Size Pack Price Delivery Cost Net cost per cartridge Cost per cartridge if YOU collect
This website:Brita Inline cartridge 1 44.99 FREE 44.99 Mail Order only
Tesco 1 35.92 3.00 38.92 35.92
John Lewis 1 45.00 3.50 48.50 45.00
Robert Dyas 1 44.99 3.95 48.94 44.99
Argos 1 44.99 3.95 48.94 44.99
eBay 1 37.95(Ozaroo) depends on vendor 37.95 (depends on offer) Mail Order only
Pixmania (including WEEE charge) 1 49.30 3.14 52.44 Mail Order only

BRITA P1000 Tap Water Filter Cartridge

BRITA A1000 Tap Water Filter Cartridge

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