Soft Water

When space is at a premium a water softener may not be an option. Thankfully, small chemical softening packets are available. In such situations soft water can be obtained by fitting items such as a superconcentrate limescale preventer in your house water cistern. The Fernox Limescale Preventer product shown opposite is just the job. This may last from 6 to 12 months and is considerably cheaper from this website than from many retail outlets.

Soft water is very important for washing machines, dish washers and central heating systems. In the case where mains water MUST be used for fabrics washing and dishwashers, packaged chemical water softening agents MUST be used. Products suitable for these applications are offered in the banner to the right.

As mentioned on the "Clean Water" page an undersink or "Faucet" filter provides an alternative to a filter jug/pitcher. These offer a longer time between cartridges changes. Installation will require a bit of "plumbing" and a cupboard under the sink is needed to store the "cartridge holder". When completed the kitchen will then have it's normal taps and a newly installed soft water tap from which drinking and cooking water may be preferrentially drawn OR the filter can be fitted in-line with the existing cold water tap if that arrangement is desired. Here is Brita's latest offering:

The difference between the cartridges? P1000 gives 3 months service, whereas the A1000 gives 6 months service. These "On Line" cartridges can handle both Hot and Cold water.

Whole House Water Filters

The simpler "no salt" based Water Softeners require no electricity.

For excellent quality, soft water in all your domestic supply consider a WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER. This action can combat the problem associated with limescale in water heating, taps and bathroom shower heads by maintaining a supply of soft water. These use combinations of filter inserts and ion-exchange resins.

The first two product links, below, are examples of smaller softener appliances, which need to be renewed periodically, and contain an "ion exchange" resin.

UV water purifiers are suitable for Kitchens, aquariums and pond water. The important action of the UV is to kill off harmful microbes and bacteria that may infest water, especially when drawn from wells where water company processing is not available.

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